I am new to Database World. I have been with computers for a while and been graduate school but never had an opportunity to work with databases. So i need your advice on getting started , some good books and links, so that i get my baiscs right.

In near future, i might have an opportunity to built DataWare house and data marts. So i am trying to new basics and some good practices.

I have seen a post listing topics on Data Ware housing.

An Introduction to Data Warehousing:

Database systems -- OLTP& DSS
Warehouse Architecture
Staging Areas & Data Marts
Data Modeling
Normalization and De- Normalization
Fact Tables
Dimension Tables
Star and Snowflake Schemas
Concept of ETL ( Extract ,Transaction and Load Process )
OLAP concepts
Understanding Dimensions, Details and Measures.

But before getting there. What concepts i need to know about databases in general and some very specific details to built a DataWare house.

Can the experts help me with this.

I really appreciate all your time and help.