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    Unhappy Unanswered: Sql Too Long To Transfer Into Module Of Vbasic

    I am transfering all the queries (view as SQL) into Modules. But when the SQL statement is too long it sends me different messages. For Example, I need to transfer the following SQL:
    Dim SQL3
    SQL 3= "...."
    When I try to paste the SQL into the module it says it is a line too long. I have tried with (space + _) but nothing, also I have tried with (space + _ + &) but nothing. When it finds the word INTO is sends me the following message "It was supposed the final of the instruction"
    Can someone help me, please

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    Have you tried:
    SQL3 = SQL3 & "Line1"
    SQL3 = SQL3 & "Line2"
    SQL3 = SQL3 & "Line3"
    and so on?

    Good luck

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