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    Unanswered: Locked & Enabled Textbox

    OK, Thanks All

    Here it is...I have a form where I add/edit clients.
    I have a Date of Birth field which I fill in.
    When I fill in the form completely I wish to lock ONLY that DOB field.
    Move to a blank client record and have the DOB field unlocked and enabled.

    Again I fill in the form, when I move out of that record to the next new one I wish to lock and disable that DOB field, but yet unlock and enable it for the next new client...etc...

    I wish to lock a DOB field when it is filled so nobody can screw with it.
    Yet with a new blank client record I need it to be accessable to fill in...

    Well...any ideas :-)

    Thank You
    Tim Nicholls

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    If not me.NewRecord then
    Me.txtDOB.Locked=Not Me.txtDOB.Locked
    Me.txtDOB.Enabled=Not Me.txtDOB.Enabled
    End if

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