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    Unanswered: space allocation and management

    Hi all,

    I have a relatively small development database that I need to deploy soon. However, I am unsure about maintenace and dumps etc. I have a separate log and data device (each 10Meg). What is the usual course of action for a database that breached its maximum size? How often would this happen, granted the space allocated is a decent size... ? There is no DBA on the client's end, so I don't want to get them annoyed when a space issue is brought up. Can anyone see what I'm trying to get at? Thanx in advance....


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    Really depends on how smart your user are?

    For example: If a rogue user runs a cartesian join across 2 of the biggest tables then it can easily fill the log segment.

    This can be controlled by combination of resource governor and sp_thresholdaction.

    Another possibility is filling the default segment. This occurs when no more space is available for the data to be stored. The only way out of this scenario is ALTER database and throw up more space.



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