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    Question Unanswered: OCA certification


    I want to get OCA certificated. I want to know some good resources for preparing the exam.

    a) good online education(courses) which prepare people for OCA exam

    b) some good reference books which prepare me for the exams

    c) newsgoups which forcuse on oracle certification(DBA, oracle developer)

    d)Oracle training schools which provide quality education(instructor led courses) which have a high percentage exam passing rate. I live in san jose, CA

    e) can someone tell me what's the difference between a DBA and a develper?

    If you would like to share with me your experiences and insights, i will appreciated.

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    Talking OCA certification


    I started my certification with the Introduction to Oracle 9i SQL - Test.
    It was really hard .
    You can download free coursware from:

    Some good braindumps can you get here:

    Hope it helps.


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