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    Unanswered: New To Access - Passing Variables from Forms/Date Queries?

    Hi Guys,

    I am new to Access and trying to develop a simple application:

    1) A form that will take a "Name" and a "Date" from User.
    2) When user clicks "OK", it will open a report. (I am using MACRO here)
    3) When the report is opened by MACRO, the name will be passed to a report and will be displayed on the report....How to achieve this?
    4) There will be a query on the report that will be executed with criteria "Date" field entered by the user. I have a table named as "PEOPLE" which have columns "Name" / "Occupation" / "Birthdate" . I want to write a query that will compare the Form.Date (entered by user) with People.Birthdate and will display the matching records. "Date" and "Birthdate" format is DD/MM/YY but I need only records that match DD/MM in this query.

    For Example;
    If user enters NAME=John and DATE=22/06/1980 in the form, I will open a report, PRINT THIS NAME on this report (HOW TO DO THIS, this is my first question) and then display the records that have Birthday Field 22/06/** (HOW TO DO THIS, this is my second question)

    I am open to any ideas, I have passed couple of hours by looking Access but because of inadequate experience and poor documentation, I am stucked at this point. Your help and ideas will be appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    You won't find much about that in the documentation, because it can't be done with Access standard functions. You'll have to write VBA-code.
    Anyway, this is easy code, like:

    reports(REPORTNAME)(Feldname) = forms(FORMNAME)(Textbox)
    reports(REPORTNAME).recordsource = "Select * from blabla where name = " & forms(FORMNAME)(Datumsbox)

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    the date question is not so easy 'cos you want any year.
    something along the lines of
    SELECT * FROM theTable WHERE (day([Birthdate]) & "/" & month([Birthdate])) Like forms!formName![Date] & "*"

    but your user must only enter dd/mm (or you use code to strip off any /yyyy)

    i see you EMPHASISE macros of luck!


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