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    Hello everone,

    I have created an ODBC Connection to an ingress database on a unix server.

    I have created an ms access linked table to the database and linked a few of the tables.

    Can i use the following on this linked table as it does not seem to work at the moment.

    SELECT [propfixedLimitedG1Rentable].[propref], [propfixedLimitedG1Rentable].[houseno], [propfixedLimitedG1Rentable].[proadd1], [propfixedLimitedG1Rentable].[proadd2], [propfixedLimitedG1Rentable].[propstcde]
    FROM propfixedLimitedG1Rentable
    WHERE ((([propfixedLimitedG1Rentable].[proadd1]) LIKE "*" & [Forms]![SelectPropertiesForPropertyList(SPFPL)]![txtSPFPLRoadName] & "*"));

    Thanks in advance

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    does it work at all without any results or it doesn't work at all?

    since it's a simple select query I don't see why it shouldn't work, but I see where you might have problem with query itself...

    it is the condition and parameter:


    should be


    notice '.' instead of '!'

    try it.......

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