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    Red face Unanswered: unregistering an object in Oracle names server


    Im quite new to Oracle names, so this question might sound stupid to the experts.
    I have a working names server to which I added a new database (with register command via namesctl).
    Now I want to remove it from the server. I issued the "unregister" command many times: with and without the description section and with different formats of description section.
    Every time I get the same result: it informs me that the command was executed ok, but the database entry remains in the server.

    what am I doing wrong ? should the description be exactly the way as it was when I registered it ?



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    Re: unregistering an object in Oracle names server

    Try stopping and restarting the names service (under the "Server Managment"), usually after dropping a name thats what we have to do to keep it happy-

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