1. Include what version of SQL Server you are using.

2. If you are asking a question related to a sql statement, please include relevant table layouts, relational information and sample data.

3. If you are asking a question about an error you are receiving, please report the exact error message. Telling us you are getting an error, is unlikely to result in a useful response.

4. Newbies, beginners, etc. please make at least a cursory (no pun intended), to look in SQL Books Online. I have been using SQL Server for over 4 years and probably refer to it at least once a day. It's not that we don't want to answer your questions but some effort on your part will result in greater efforts on our (or at least my) part.

5. Use a descriptive subject. Many of us will skip over reading the post if the subject doesn't indicate the question.

Examples of bad subjects headings:

Does anybody know...
Urgent help needed!
Error message
Basic question

Examples of good subject headings:

Copy DTS job to another computer
Output of one SP usable by another?
How to determine build version