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    I want to get numbers from a string,
    for example:
    then all I want to get is: 1234567
    So plz give me a function in PLSQL.
    Much thankssssssssss,

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    Look up the translate() function in the SQL manual as this can remove characters u dont need i.e. all the non numerics.


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    Sorry for not enough information. I mean that, I have a tableTAB, a varchar2 field, its name: DESCRIPTION , data in this field is stored as following: [some_space][some_numbers][some_spaces][some_characters]
    And other column MONEY (number(10))
    I wrote a function NOSPACE that delete all space in the data that I get from DESCRIPTION field. It’s ok.
    Now I want to write an after insert or update trigger that insert just the [some_numbers] into another field in the same table.
    For example: the data in DESCRIPT column is ‘ 200.000 good well better’
    So all that I want my trigger to get 200.000 to insert into MONEY column after inserting or updating on my table TAB. (I use Ora9i R2)
    Please help me this problem, thanks very much

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