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    Question Unanswered: Check Boxes

    Is there a way to put a check box on a continuous form and have it work independently for each row??? eg.

    My continuous form has 5 rows and I only want to select rows 1 and 3. Is that possible?? Right now if I select row 1 - all the rows are select.

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    if you can switch your form to data sheet instead of continuous form, normally access will display check boxes for Boolean (true/false) fields. you wont need to add them manually.

    hope this helps

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    it has to work in continious form same as it works in datasheet view....

    you should check control source for your checkbox, if it's bound, and I think it should be with this type of form.....

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    if i understand you correctly, you are trying to have a checkbox that is not part of your data and you want to be able to "tick" the box in some records displayed in continuous forms.

    you cannot do this directly: as you have discovered, an unbound box is ticked or not for all occurrances.

    simple workaround: add a isTicked yes/no to your table and use an update query to FALSE the field before you feed your form

    remarkably ugly workaround if you don't want to mess with your original table:
    your existing table is "myTable" containing "myID" as PK

    make a new table "newTable"
    "newID" (auto, PK)
    "myID" lookup to myTable.myID
    "selected" yes/no

    feed your form from a query:
    SELECT myTable.*, newTable.selected FROM myTable LEFT JOIN newTable ON myTable.myID = newTable.myID;

    newTable will "grow" a row for each row in myTable where you touch the checkbox so you need a delete * on newTable to reset things.

    it is ugly tho!


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    Thank you guys - will give your suggestions a try

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