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    Angry Unanswered: creating an excel sheet using OLE2

    I'm using OLE2 to create an excel sheet from FORMS6.0 application.
    I've encountered the following problems:
    1. The excel opens with a default sheet. I created new sheets, but I can't use or get rid of the first original sheet which is empty. How do I write to it or delete it?

    2. I would like to highlight certain rows (bright yellow), and have certain cells bold. How is that done?

    3. How do I rename a sheet?
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    1. Didn't have this problem yet.

    2.Look at my example how i make tekst in first row bolded:


    MyApplication OLE2.OBJ_TYPE;
    selection OLE2.OBJ_TYPE;
    row OLE2.OBJ_TYPE;
    font OLE2.OBJ_TYPE;
    args OLE2.LIST_TYPE;


    MyApplication:=OLE2.CREATE_OBJ('Excel.Application' );

    OLE2.ADD_ARG(args, 1);
    row:=OLE2.GET_OBJ_PROPERTY(worksheet, 'Rows', args);

    OLE2.SET_PROPERTY(row, 'Select', 1);
    selection:=OLE2.GET_OBJ_PROPERTY(myapplication, 'Selection');
    font:= ole2.GET_OBJ_PROPERTY(Selection, 'Font');
    OLE2.SET_PROPERTY(font, 'Bold', 1);


    3. Don't know.

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