I'm experiencing the dreaded error 2486 for the first time with an Access 2000 application.
I have a form with subforms which, when sorted or filtered in any manner, immediately locks. The three finger salute is the only out.
I've read all the fixes on various sites.
I've rebuilt the form a number of times, used decompile, compact and repaired, tried turning of FilterOn and Orderby, etc... None work.
Here's th fun part. When I run the same application on my backup machine, it works flawlessly.
Both machines are running Win 2000.
The only difference I've been able to detect between the two machines is a different version of Jet.

msjet40.dll ver 4.0.6218.0 (doesn't work)
ver 4.0.4431.3 (does work)

The older version of Jet works fine. I've tried copying it to System32 but window automatically copies over it with the later version

Anybody out there have any ideas?