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    Unanswered: Custom DLLs - File Not Found error

    This is my first post, however, I have been researching this forum looking for help on the Error 53 I get when calling functions from custom DLLs in Access 2002 and haven't found what I'm looking for.

    When the DLLs are in the system folder or MSACCESS folder on my computer, the functions work. However, when I put a path in front of the DLL I get the ...File Not Found... error.
    Ex. Declare Function MTInit Lib "M:\MYDIR\MYFOLDER\ATLib.DLL" (ByRef Login As MTLOGIN) As Long

    For distribution purposes, I want to keep the DLLs on a network drive and call them from there. Does anyone know what I should be doing?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    my guess is problem accessing network location since you get file not found....

    I had this problem with simpler than DLL things, and couldn't resolve it, just did workaround....

    since you are dealing with DLL, I suggest you keep it on local computers, and create routines for checking version from access and if necessary updating DLL with the correct one from the network....

    this way you'll have speed that DLL should provide and conistent updating of all users.....

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