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    Unanswered: Subreport showing multiple times

    If I have a query in a sub report that brings back two rows for a particular result, I have a situation where I get the two rows back in the subreport, but then the subreport also shows up on the main report two times.

    If there are three rows in the subreport query result, there are three instances of the subreport on the main report, etc.

    Any ideas on why this might be?

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    check record source for your main report and subreport....

    I think you have it set to same source....

    if so, you might want to go without subreport, just includ it into main report....

    if your subreport is in detail section of main report, and it repeats as many times as there are records, then most likely it's about record source of main report....

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