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    Question Unanswered: Pulling data into acess from SQL view

    I am ussing Access to run the data in a dealer locator for my web site, I have the dealer information in an SQL database spread out over a coupe of tables, However I did create a view that outputs the exatc data I need for the dealer locator. My question is this, can I link my table in access (the one that is used by the dealer locator) called evbe_company to my view in SQL and have it in a sense dynamicly pull the required data from SQL.

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    in pass-thru query A has:
    CREATE VIEW myview AS whatever FROM whatever
    and apparently you can then link to this view just like a table.

    never tried it tho (no SQL server!), so i can't offer detail.

    see A-help / index / pass-through_query

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    [I have been able to link to the view in the SQL database, now I can treat the external View as a read only access table, but my problem is the program is looking to pull data from the "evbe_company" table where should I look to either change where the program is looking or is there a way to mirror the two tables. so that when a querry is sent to the "evbe_company" table it will pull data from the SQL view

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