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    Unhappy Unanswered: Sybase vs Oracle?

    Hi everyone,

    Can someone please help me re:differences between Oracle and Sybase? I have some very basic working knowledge of Sybase, but my position has recently been changed to start working with Oracle instead. They need someone to be able to troubleshoot an app that uses an Oracle db and this would require debugging of Stored Procs (mainly to troublshoot slowdowns etc). question is 2 part...first, are there many differences in the debugging of the two and second, does anyone know of any good resources that I can read up on this type of thing myself. It wouldn't have to be on the differences, but even just debugging in Oracle.

    Thank you so very much!

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    Probably best to get a tool like TOAD which has a PLSQL debugger otherwise youll probably need to use DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(' '); to output variable values.

    There are lots of other differences between Sybase and Oracle, a good start on the major diffs is at (theres also a part 2 somewhere).


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