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    Unhappy Unanswered: SQL server n' ORACLE


    i'm new to SQL Server but i got a big job to be done with it...
    i realy need ur guys help, plsz anybody help me!

    here my problem.

    i'm building an olap system,DSS System for Curiculum Development Process using SQL server 7.0 as the relational database... then i'm using oracle express administrator as the database and oracle express objects as the interface... so far i can import the relational database and being able to work with oracle express....
    my problem accur at SQL server... i hav 6 tables and need a lot of quries to build the table i want to import to oracle express administrator as it require table as the data set... i just do not know what i hav to do to build the new table...what should i do? 1)stored procedure 2)generate SQL scripts 3)cursors 4)EXECUTE statment 5)SQL statment ...or what?
    which task should i do to make the new table update and the query of the sql can be refresh every time i insert data to the old table....

    im blur...plsz help me!

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    By "build the table", do you mean create the structure or do you mean populate it with data? If you are asking for the best way to load data into it, would this be a one-time process or would this need to be done frequently?


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