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    Unanswered: setting up mysql on win xp


    I have started the mysql service under win xp. when i type in mysqld --console it gives me the following error message:
    InnoDB: Operating system error number 32 in a file operation.
    InnoDB: Error number 32 means 'Broken pipe'.
    Does anyone know how to get mysql to work? Thanks.


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    InnoDB Error number 32

    It sounds like the InnoDB file cannot be found. Are you sure you have not installed mysql more than once on the xp box?

    Try specifying the exact pathname of the innodb (normally under the name ibdata1) file:

    i. edit the MY.INI file under the WINDOWS directory
    ii. under the section [mysqld] add the following line:
    innodb_data_file_path = /path to ibdata1/ibdata1:100M

    Hope it helps

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