How could i remove this BUG?
(BUG no.265300)
Application Developer 5.0 (forms& reports)
while executing one forms i got following errors(ORA-01031),
OCTSPSL is my main user having all privileges like connect,resource,execute any procedure etc.
Even i tried to give priv. to OCTSPSL as DBA till problem persist.
Till the time treatment given:
1)Catalog & catproc
2)Privileges given to OCTSPSL(dba,select any table,execute any procudure,select_catalog_role,excute_catalog_role)
3)change o7_dictinary_assibilty=true
4)compile & valid all packages (dbms_sql,dbms_sys_sql,dbms_standard,dbms_purity_a nalysis,octspsl.execute_dynamic_sql etc..

Still errors is there:
ORA-01031-Insufficient privileges,ORA-06512@sys.dbms_sys_sql line 826,sys."dbms_sql",OCTSPSL.execute_dynamic_sql