Hi There,

I have a comma delimited file that contains columns with characters and numbers. But, whereever the value of the number is greater than 1000 then the value is entered as "1,000" within quotes to identify it as a single value and the comma is not to be treated as a delimiter.
The problem is when I want to load this file into DB2, I have to define the datatype of the numbers column as character so that the value within the quotes gets entered in the table as a single value. If I define the datatype as Integer, the value within quotes do not get entered in the table.
For example, a record in my file is as follows,


If I want 1,245 to get into the table as a single value, then I have to define the datatype of this column as character. But, I want the datatype to be identified as integer for my future functions and I want "1,245" to be entered as a single value.

How can I get around this problem...??? Please help.