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    Unanswered: query for report

    Purpose: To generate a report based on query. I have two query b/c I guess i can't put formula in total query. I am new to query and report. So any suggesstion and help will be appreciated.


    1. Name of the Query: qryCensusRpt based on tbl_groups
    2. Name of the Query: qryCensusRptSummary based on "qryCensusRpt"

    Basically I want a summary report for my census data.

    Summary Detail:
    1. How many census received after the Census Due Date. I think we can use the lastest received date from qrycensusrpt and census due date from the table called tbl_groups

    2. Total census in for a given pye (plan year end), this on works "qrycensusrptsummary"

    3. Total census complete > If the census completion date is filled then it should only count the field with value.

    4. Total Outstanding > if census completion date is null. NOT Working.

    5. If there is any outstanding then I want system to put a link to another report call rtpoutstaninddetail.
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