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    Unanswered: User level security problem

    I've set up user level security on a DB. Now when I open another DB that didn't have user level security I'm getting prompted for a password. Actually, everything I try opening in Access prompts me for a password. The book I've been reading mentioned this briefly but doesn't care to mention how to avoid it.

    I know there's got to be a simple thing I'm overlooking. Any comments????

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    this is due to use of workgroup file, system.mdw initially....

    when you set security you are setting it for all access users of any database for that workgroup file....

    you may have multiple workgroupe files, but you have to connect to those.....

    more on this you can find in access' help, just type in 'mdw' or 'workgroup'......

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    How to find out your workgroup file

    There are two commands that you can type into the Immediate window to find out which workgroup file and which account that you are using. To get there, use the keys Ctrl+G

    For the workgroup file type

    ? syscmd(13)

    for the user account type

    ? CurrentUser

    You change workgroup files easily using shortcut keys. When you use as many as I do, try out the Access workbench at


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