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Thread: SQL Wildcards

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    Unanswered: SQL Wildcards

    Hi all this is my first post and probably a simple question but my knowledge isnt great so here goes.

    In access when I start my query I want to search for a record that I specify and preferably part of a recod.

    At the moment my Query looks something like this..

    SELECT Contacts.NameFirst FROM Contacts WHERE ((Contacts.NameFirst Like "*" & [Enter First Name]));

    The problem is this will bring up the data im looking for as long as i dont inlude the first letter. for example if OI wanted to find "station" then "tion" would find my record but "stat" would not.

    It Does however find my record if I type the whole name e.g. "station"

    Any help with this would be appreciated



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    Soryr if I put this question in the wrong area.

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