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    Unanswered: database scan on certain value

    I need to check which field in database holds a saved value (when saving value from the application)
    I am working with version 7.3.3.
    Is there a way to do a quick scan on a very specific value or scan log files to see which table.field is being updated?
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    One way I can think of doing it and it may not be feasible if you have a large database is to do and export (exp) and then do a grep for the value and then work back up the file until you hit the insert statement which will tell you the table. This will only work for string values, if your value is stored in a number,date etc field it isnt going to work!

    The other alternative is to query user_tables and user_tab_columns and get the query to write a sql statement (for each table) to check for the value in each column. This is quite tricky and you have to watch out for the datat type.


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