Hi experts,

I'm really not sure whether this is the right newsgroup
to ask this but maybe you can give me a hint where to
investigate in case it is not.


We are using the IBM ODBC driver 5.1 to connect to our
AS/400 to access our databases. With default windows
applications, there is no problem.

When using a specialized windows application, we are
getting the error message (not exactly, just out of my

"the current record set does not support bookmarks,
this might be a limitation by the provider"

What are these bookmarks? Are AS/400 systems using these
bookmarks, while other databases are not (MySQL)?

Is there any option in the ODBC driver or on the AS/400
that would disable these bookmarks?

The problem is only relevant to this AS/400 system, not
to MySQL, PostresSQL or Microsoft SQL.

Any hint would be appreciated! If you think this is wrong
here, please advise where to ask this.