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    Unanswered: Installing SQL 2000 On active/active cluster

    I am trying to install SQL 2000 Ent on a Win2k3 cluster.
    I have check both local and domain privlages and they are good.
    I have performed MS work around so SQL sp2 and below can be installed on win2k3.
    And I keep getting the following error during install...

    An error occurred while creating virtual server resources for
    clustering.Cluster specific registry entries couldn't be written.

    Does anybody have any ideas?
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    Check remote registry service

    Check the privilages for the service account and the Account in which you logged in for Installation has folloing privilages .

    Part of Local Admin
    In Local Policy
    1. Act as part of operating system
    2. Log on as service
    Make sure in the services :Remote registry service is up

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    Re: Check remote registry service

    Privlages are good and remote registry service is running !

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    was this issue resolved?

    Did you manage to resolve this issue? Did you get any USEFULL help from Microsoft support? Please post a few words of wisdom if so.

    We have exactly the same problem and I've been struggling with it for a few weeks. Any help/advice is welcome.

    I use SQL 2000 EE SP3 install (i.e with SP3 already included in installation) and still get the same error: "cluster-specific registry could not be written". All the simptoms are the same. I can install single-node virtual server, but if I try to install on both-nodes I've got mentioned message. The same happens if I try add second node to successfully installed single-node virtual server.
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    My issue ended up being security on the cluster was to tight.
    Once I loosened my security policies it started working fine.
    Specifically the registry was being locked down by a Windows 2000 DC which does'nt have all the proper setting that Windows 2003 has.
    I eventually upgraded the DC to 2003 to help with this matter.

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