Hi everyone,

I have a sample attached which will make this more clear. The query will bring back stats between 08/03/03 and 08/09/03 for id 2490. The field that I am having trouble with is the Dispo_Count field. I want the field to sum all the dispos between those two dates, but it is not doing that. What it is doing is that for each date in Table b it is adding the dispo twice, you will notice that on the dates 08/07/03, 08/05/03 & 08/04/03(In Table b these dates have two entries). So in the query the Dispo_Count is showing 248 but is should be 136. So for the dates 08/07/03 - 37; 08/05/03 - 35; 08/04/03 - 40 it is adding them twice.

Breakdown 136+37+35+40 = 248

any help would be great.