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    Question Unanswered: Puzzling error [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0165E Error in Row


    I have encountered a strange Problem and need some expert DB advice/help

    I am an ASP Developer with the following bizzare problem ...

    A SQL Select statament that I wrote for my IIS 4 web app had been working for about a week, then suddenly started returning 0 records. Data was in the database and the query should have been returned records but was not.

    As I started to run some test to see what was going on and started to get some confusing results..

    [Results that were confusing]
    when the query was WORKING was returning results in about 6-7 seconds. When I run the query on the Database Server it will return with about 4 minutes!!! When run from from my web app 0 records are returned

    I spent a day or two of assuming that the problem must be with ASP/ODBC not doing something right on my end but have not been able to resolve this.

    This morning, I performed a DB2CLI Client trace from my IIS Web server and saw the following message in the trace log for this QUERY.

    The trace showed my sql SELECT statment was "intact and correct" and that statment executed, and returned 0 records...
    A quite a few lines later I see that an error message appears to have been returned from the DB stating the following...

    [IBM] [CLI DRIVER] CLI0165E Error in Row

    aparently this error message never finds its way back to my ASP page, but the log captured it!

    I now suspect that the problem with the DB2 database, but have no clues as to mwaht it may be!

    Now, this is my first time looking at this log and I may be misreading I have attached the section of the log that traced this sql execution. Maybe someone can confirm my analysis for correctness.

    The first few line of the file contain the SQL executing....the last 10-15 lines contain the error...

    My enviroment consists of the following..
    IIS 4 server using IBM DB2 Client Driver version

    [ Product: QDB2/NT ]
    [ Level Identifier: 03050105 ]
    [ CLI Driver Version: 07.02.0001 ]
    [ Informational Tokens: "DB2 v7.1.0.60","n020313","WR21299" ]

    The Database is UDB Version 7.2

    Any thoughs or HELP would be greatly appeaciated!!!!
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    I don't understand what is your major problem. Could you be so nice and read the Must Read before posting thread. It will help you to ask effective question instread of long stories.

    Hope this helps,

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    >I don't understand what is your major problem.

    Did you care to read his post? What part did you not understand?

    >Could you be so nice and read the Must Read before posting thread. >It will help you to ask effective question instread of long stories.

    I would say that he passes 1,2 and 5, 3 and 4 is N/A. What part of his post - would you say - does not contain relevant information for anyone interested in helping out?

    >Hope this helps,

    I sure hope you are kidding



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