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    Post Unanswered: Name Pipe Hijacking Patch Problem

    I've got a little problem. I pushed out the MS Named Pipe patch (MS03-031, q815495) to a SQL 7.0 SP4 server. We have an application that uses Named Pipes. After applying the patch the users weren't able to connect. Administrative users can connect ok.

    We turned around and attempted the Patch to the Patch (Q823492) which was supposed to fix this problem. As you can tell it didn't fix the problem. We were able to move the clients over to TCP/IP and get them off of the Named Pipes but we still have processes internal to this application that aren't able to work.

    We looked at backing out the patch but that is going to mean a rebuild of the database and this SQL database is almost 40 GB. I would rather find another method if at all possible to resolve this issue. Does anyone have any idea's? Any help is appreciated!

    Thanks from a newbie!

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    how to uninstall MS03-031 - (Q815495)


    i'm kind of having the same problem here. the applications that runs on SQL7.0 is not working properly now. is there a way that i can uninstall this patch?

    thank you

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