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    Unanswered: Control Center won't start.

    I am using the DB2 Control Center heavily in developing ejbs in WSAD5.0. All of a sudden, after three months of trouble-free use, it won't start. (Neither will the Command Center.) After a boot, the logo comes up, the progression bar gets 1/3 the way across and it simly stops. After that, ti stops quicker.
    Here are the various messages I see in the logs:

    1)run time error on SERVPRE log: D:\MyServers\DB2\BIN\iwh2serv.exe

    2)Log log:
    ***** Log Server Had a Fatal Error *****
    * Error point: VWConfiguration::init
    * RC1: 2009
    * RC2: -5035
    * Domain: ODBC
    * SQLState: 55001
    * SysMsg: [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL5035N The database requires migration to the current release. SQLSTATE=55001

    * Comment: VWConfiguration::init
    ***** Log Server Has Aborted!!!!!! *****

    3)LOGC message: VWRC Method Name : VWKernelService::stop


    In the 12 hours before it quit, two unusal things happened:

    1) the evening before, I went to use one of the help menu items on the DB2 Control Center -- I believe the general help one -- and the system just froze. A distorted window came up, even when killed the system was really dragging (unusable). I closed down (gracefullY) and did not reboot until this am.

    2) I'm experimenting with XA transactions within WSAD. I defined a new data base resource using the XAResrouce, datasource and connection files. I then ran a version of that server inside WSAD. that all seems ok.

    3) In current state, even though can't run Control Center and the Command Center, the database, itself, still seems to be working properly.

    4) I ran the repair option on the DB2 download, but to no effect. I am considering reinstalling the whole thing, but hate to lose tables I have.

    Any suggestions on how to get this very necessary tool back?

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    I should have mentioned that I am using DB2 8.1, the Workgroup version, running under Windows 2000 Professional on an IBM 220 dual processor machine.

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