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    Unanswered: designing a query

    I have two tables, related by Member ID. One contains Member ID, people's names, addresses etc. The other contains Member ID and a Meeting ID going back over many years. In recent times, some members attended the 2001 meeting only. Some attended the 2002 meeting only. Some attended both. I have 2 problems.

    When I run a query to find "2001 or 2002" attendees, some people's names appear twice in the list, once beside 2001 then again beside 2002. How do I remove these duplications of names and addresses in my list of who went to both?

    How do I set up a query to list just those who went to the 2001 meeting, not both?

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    You could group the records to only view the names once.

    1. In the query grid choose View-->Functions or pull the function button
    2. Beneath every field name you will now see GroupBy
    2. Change GroupBy to Where in the Meeting ID field (year field)

    Just type the year that you wants to view in the criteria section of the Year Field


    /Svein Erik

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