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    Unanswered: tables of e-auction

    hi, a diff question, i want to develop an online auction house, plz help in identifying tables and classes for it apecailly tables.
    i have identiied member, items,auction system and etc but i m not sure which will be actual tables plz help me

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    Just some generals rules:

    Think about reports. What type of reports will you want to see, in your case I could see a lot of demographic reports. How much did X do over X amount of time.

    THink about maintenance. (an application question as well)

    Think about Historical. Will you archive data periodically? If a customer or seller changes his address will you retain it or will all reports not reflect a boost in historical sales in the new region? (a DW question as well)

    Think about data redundancy and integrity. Will I choose from a drop down list for the country I am from or free-form enter it? etc.

    Ray Higdon MCSE, MCDBA, CCNA

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    Think about being sued by E-bay.

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