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    Exclamation Unanswered: Time Sheets in Access

    Hello Forum-

    Long time browser, first time post.

    I'm a bit lost. I've used access on an intermediate level for many years, but never strayed into writing visual basic commands.

    I have a employee list of 20 people. I have the standard employee information. I use employeeID as the primary key (autonumber)

    I need to track how much time employees spend on a given task. I have broken up the tasks into types and given them a code in a drop down box.

    THE PROBLEM: If I have 20 employees all working on the SAME DAY (say 1/1/03) and doing ten different coded tasks on that day

    (employee 1 does code 610 from 8am-10am on day 1.1.03)

    I can't get access to understand that a)each employee does a number of tasks on the SAME day and b) that numerous employees can all do something on that day. It gives me various errors when I try to make it a subform OR doesn't save the data when I save and reload.

    What am I thinking wrong? How do I make a parent/child relationship to activities on a given day for EACH employee, so I can log say... a year?


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    are you missing a table?

    jobID (auto, PK)
    jobDescription (text)

    empID (auto, PK)
    empName (text)

    wdwwID (auto, PK)
    lookup to tableJobs.jobID
    lookup to tableEmps.empID
    wdwwIN (date/time)
    wdwwOUT (date/time)


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