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    Unanswered: Multi Select List Box - Selecting Items

    I am writing an application that holds the enhancement logs for various applications. Part of the criteria is to allow the user to select specific clients that requested this enhancement so that they can be notified when the release is ready.

    I have added a mulit select list box (simple) to my form that lists all of our clients. So far I have the procedure working to save the clients selected for each enhancement.

    What I can't figure out is if there is an easy way to select those same clients from the list box the next time the enhancement is selected for modification.

    Any suggestions??

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    Re: Multi Select List Box - Selecting Items

    I guess you already figured out that you need three tables:

    Clients, Enhancements and Requests (which is the Many:Many relationship between Clients and Enhancements)

    Furthermore, you need two lists on your form: ClientList and EnhancementList. If you catch the OnClick event on enhancement, you may retreive from your requests table, which clients requested that enhancement, and you may highlight them, or whatever you want to show. The same holds the other way, of course. Selecting a client could lead to show all enhancements, that client requested.
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