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    Unanswered: How do i create multiple detail sections in a report

    Is this possible? I want to set up more detail sections (or any kind of section which can be linked to my table) The reason for this is I have categories and instead of showing all information I want to only show the information relating to the current category. For example the section
    detail 1 will have information on desktops, detail 2 notebooks etc
    If category = 1 then set detail 2 to not visible. I know how to set all the code I just dont know how to add more sections to my report.

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    You can't have multiple detail sections in the report, but here's
    a suggestion that might work...

    Build a subreport for each category.
    Pile all of the subreports into the detail section of the main report.
    Use VBA in the main reports' detail .OnFormat property to show/hide the subreports based on the current category.
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