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    Question Unanswered: Visible/not visible controls on a form

    Does anyone out there know how to get certain textboxes or check boxes to be visible or not on a form set to continuous forms (line after line) without doing something like I am doing now, which is to set the apropriate controls visible and not visible depening on which vendor the user has chosen for each line in the after update event for the vendor and the on current event for each record. The problem is that I have multiple overlapping controls in the same space that only should show up for the appropriate vendor, which they now do, but it makes the same boxes show up on all the rest of the records and it looks kinda cheesy and unprofessional to me. What I would like is to have different controls to be visible in the same space on different records depending on which vendor is chosen and changing to single form view is not an option. Thank you for your time.

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    i guess it is impossible to do precisely what you ask.

    my work-around (work-aside??) is to use the continuous forms as a sort-of index to the data and i generally do not allow editing there: the _Current event puts up the full record in the header (or footer, or subform or parentform or pop-up/modal or....) where you can play with .visible etc and where in any case you have much more space to make a user-useable form.


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