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    Unanswered: db2 errors - Need the decription

    We have a COM+ environment connecting to db2 v 6.1 in the os/390. We try to catch all possible sql errors with numbers also, and bellow are the messages we are getting.

    Error SQL State: 57033
    Error Native Code: -913
    Error HelpContext: 0
    Error Number: -2147467259

    Can anyone help us figuring what are the errors mean?

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    this is the description of our error :

    SQL0913N Unsuccessful execution caused by deadlock or timeout.
    Reason code "<reason-code>".

    Explanation: The request issued was involved in an unresolved
    contention for use of an object and the execution failed.

    The reason codes are as follows:

    2 transaction branch failed due to deadlock.

    68 transaction branch failed due to lock timeout.

    72 transaction rolled back due to an error concerning a DB2 Data
    Links Manager involved in the transaction.

    80 statement failed due to timeout.

    User Response:

    o For reason code 80, you can retry the failed statement
    without terminating the application. If the application
    accesses multiple remote databases, it may be better to
    rollback the transaction to avoid the possibility of a global

    o For other reason codes, issue a request to rollback the
    transaction. The transaction cannot be commited due to the
    failure of the current transaction branch.

    o To help avoid deadlock or lock timeout, issue frequent COMMIT
    operations, if possible, within long-running applications or
    applications requiring data with high concurrent access.

    sqlcode: -913

    sqlstate: 57033

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