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    Unanswered: SQL1045- What is the dir scan command

    I am receiving an error SQL1045N which is listed below, part of the solution is to run the "dir scan command" What is that?
    I have tried to uncatalog and re-catalog. This command finishes correctly but I am upable to connect. That is when the error is happening. Any help would be apreciated.

    SQL1045N The database was not found because it was not cataloged correctly.

    Explanation: An indirect entry in the database directory points to another non-HOME entry.

    The command cannot be processed.

    User Response: Verify the entries in all the associated database directories with the directory scan commands.

    sqlcode: -1045

    sqlstate: 58031

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    Re: SQL1045- What is the dir scan command

    I'm not sure what it actually means ?

    But, I think you can try to investigate this problem with the following approach ..

    1) db2 list db directory | grep -ip indirect

    This will list all local databases .. Make a note of the local directories this command lists ... Say, one of them is /db2inst1

    2) db2 list db directory on /db2inst1

    and check the output on each of them, ie, if the databases in the local db direcotry and the system db directory are the same .... If anything is missing, probably you will have to think how to fix it ...


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