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    Unanswered: DB2 Security Loophole ??

    Not sure how authentic it is ... But worth a read ...,00.html#news3

    Please share any information you have about this issue ..

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    Re: DB2 Security Loophole ??

    The article says,

    On some, lib directories have inappropriate write permissions after a default installation, which can allow an attacker with bin privileges to create a malicious shared object that DB2 runs and elevate his privileges to root.

    I may be wrong but I believe db2 processes are not supposed to execute with root privileges but rather with those of the instance owner id. Therefore, whatever db2 then runs from the lib directory will execute with the same privs as db2 itself. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Besides, on AIX the lib directory is not writable for anyone except the id used to install the software.

    I suspect the "vulnerability" may just be a result of not planning db2 installation carefully.
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