I have two SQL servers running SQL 2000. One is patched with SQL SP3 and the other with SQL SP2.

When trying to setup a DSN system connection on the SQL box with SP3 the connection fails. When doing the DSN system connection to the SQL box with SP2 it works just fine.

I have upgraded to MDAC version 2.8 on two different Windows 2000 workstations. On one of the systems I can get to both SQL 2000 servers and on the other Workstation I can only connect to the SQL server that has been patched to only SP2.

From all the research I have done there seem to be a problem with MDAC versions lower then 2.6 after SQL SP3 was installed. I have tried both MDAC 2.7 and 2.8 but I am still unable to setup the System DNS connection on the SQL server running SQL SP3.

Any ideas on how to fix this.