I am trying to assist a deployment onto AIX using DB2 8.1 Workgroup Server, and I can not find anywhere db2jstrt to start up the JDBC listener to be able to use the net driver as we are using a Install anywhere application to prep the environment which has the dependancy of a thin client.

Has support for the net driver been deliberatly removed from the workgroup server version, or does it require additional components to be installed.

I have found this link.

According to this link, the workgroup edition has JDBC support and since there is only 2 drivers in the db2java.zip (the app, and the net driver), one would assume support for both. It does however does not come with DB2 Connect which from what I understand about it, is for connecting between legacy systems and different Vendors/OS.

Any help is much appreciated as I have a tight timeline.

Thanks in advance,