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    Unanswered: Toad Rowid Problem

    here is my query:

    select rowid from XXX.dtecre,XXX.contexte,XXX.pc,YYY.LOGIN,ZZZ.NOM,Z ZZ.PRENOM from XXX, YYY,ZZZ
    where ZZZ.numuser=XXX.numuser and numpat=40000 and rowid= :XXX.dtecre,XXX.contexte,XXX.pc,ZZZ.LOGIN,XXX.NOM, XXX.PRENOM
    and XXX.numpers=ZZZ.numuser
    order by DTECRE

    there is a problem with the ROWID Command
    I Have the error message "ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended"

    Can You help me please

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    The line rowid= :XXX.dtecre,XXX.contexte,XXX.pc,ZZZ.LOGIN,XXX.NOM, XXX.PRENOM doesnt make any sense and you do know that rowid is an oracle generated column

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