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    Unanswered: traffic/speed issues: remote dumb backend

    i have a backend .mdb on dumb-file server: sum of field sizes < 160B (test file is 13 records = 172kB file)

    remote frontend clients in A2K

    the remote clients do NOT need to see existing data - they just need to add a record and capture the autonumber of that new record.

    client interface is an unbound form completed by user hand-typing all values. then

    with a dao.recordset on the linked server table
    keepTheAutonumber = !ID
    !field1 = box1.value
    !field2 = box2.value ....etc for the 9 fields
    end with
    and set dao.database and dao.recordset = nothing

    it works perfectly.

    but the average traffic for .addnew on the 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th records was
    down: 246kB
    up: 85kB
    ...with both down & up traffic showing an upward trend as the db grows.

    the db will accumulate 5000 records over the year and be reset to empty at the start of each year (obviously i can also do monthly or weekly archiving, and this will help).

    two problems:

    1 - test situation is 600kB/s down & 100kB/s up. real-world users may be connected via wet string to an analog dial-up: it will be slooooow.
    QUESTION: is there a different append strategy that does not need to drag the entire backend down to the client?

    2 - after closing the recordset on the server, the code goes on to make a copy of the record in a local table. in use,
    the client .mde opens sweetly and displays the startup form immediately. F11 to the database window and opening the local table so the user can review his contributions causes intense network traffic (!a local table!) and a huge "white-screen" delay.
    QUESTION: what is A doing????? there are zero relationships in client or backend or between them. what is the fix?

    thanks for any thoughts.


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    I doubt I can offer much help to one of the most knowledgeable people
    in this forum, but I'll take a stab at it...

    Is it possible for you to use, (if you haven't tried it already):

    Docmd.Runsql "Insert into tblName (field1, field2) values ('" & Me.box1 & "', '" & Me.box2 & "')"

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