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    Unanswered: tempdb tran log getting full

    Problem solved
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    Hiya there,

    There is no point increasing tempdb when you have rogue(bad) users that write dumn SQL to the server. For eg: Cartesian joins, which can easily fill your 500MB tempdb too.

    So what you really need isthe multiple tempdb feature, and then you can allocate all the bad users to work in a particular tempdb and sa and sso in it's own.

    This feature is available in IR onwards and is quite easy to setup. The beauty of this feature is sa is never locked out.



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    Wink Re: tempdb tran log getting full

    Originally posted by sspruthi
    we are having a tempdb of 200 MB size on 2 different db devices with data and log on same devices. Our prodn database size is around 6 GB.I am facing problem of transaction log full quite often and we are not even able to dump tran(including no_log option) to free up space in tran log and at that time we cant execute a single command.
    tempdb size is quite less and infact we are planning to make it to we cant go beyond that due to some constraints...will that help the cause or do we need to put a separate logdevice for tempdb..and if yes..what size it should be..??
    I am quite a beginner in sybase so can u plz tell me how to solve this issue....
    U shud clarify u r currnent Sybase setup here. Certainly u can increase tempdb size to 500 MB also separate Data and Log also. This certainly increase the performance.

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    Hi surjeet,

    do not discuss issue with the forum.. first consult with yr higher officials.. and first ask yr higher official to send u for the sybase course..



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