I'm not sure if this is an appropriate forum for questions regarding Oracle Rdb (i.e. the old DEC Rdb database system for VMS) -- I've asked this on the "other RDBMS's" forum as well, but figured someone here might know...

We have an Rdb database running on an Alpha machine, which is accesed by users on Windows XP using the "ODBC Driver for Oracle Rdb".

This database is accessed by many users and we need to start monitoring their usage of it. It would be too difficult to track down every client PC and turn on local ODBC tracing for this task.

What I'm hopingto do is enable some sort of trace/logging on the server side which writes the client SQL statements out to a file.

Does anyone know of such a facility? We've already tried setting "ALTER SESSION LOG BRIEF" in the Oracle SQL/Services service SQL initialization file, but this only enables the tracing for clients which use Oracle Net8, i.e. for OCI services, not ODBC services.

Any ideas?