Im running DB2 V7.2 FP 7 over AIX 4.3.3

Ive been having some problems with the command REORGCHK:

F5 that is used to determine wheter or not the table needs to be reorganized:

100 * (keys * (Isize + 8) + (card - keys) * 4) / (NLEAF * indexpagesize) > 50

Keys - Number of unique index entries
ISize - Index Size
Card - Number of rows on the table
IndexPageSize - Page size of the tablespace in which the indexes reside. If an Index Tablespace is not specified at the time of table creation, IndexPageSize has the same value as TablesPageSize.

what does the NLEAF stands for? Non Leaf pages?

and what about the part "(card - keys)"? wont this be always 0 when checking for Unique Indexes?
In a table with N records, if you have a Unique Index created on it.. wont that index also have N entries?

And when that function is out of range (less than 50%) what should I do?
I already tried to increase the PCTFREE on the table, on the index and still nothing changed. The same happened when I tried to increase the Tablespace size.. Already ran the REORG command to clear deleted entries, updated stats and still the same..
Any of you have a clue?

Fernando Ohana