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    Unanswered: Access 97 -- query chokes with data type mismatch

    Hey folks,

    My first post here -- looks like a great resource. I've been using Access 97 for a long time. Use it often, haven't upgraded due to compatibility issues here at work.

    Here's my problem right now: I've got a query based on a four tables, one "main" table and 3 lookup-type tables. All the joins are set up to show all records from the main table. The query filters records based on an OR involving values brought in from two of the lookup tables. Then it computes 3 fields using values from all the tables.

    I've done this type of query at least a thousand times before.

    When I take this query and, either directly or using another query, try to filter it further based on a value in the original query, I can't get rid of the "Data type mismatch in criteria expression" message. This second query is supposed to be a summary query, but I can't get it to run no matter what: as a summary, non-summary, using the original query only, whatever.

    Anyone aware of any bugs or oddities involving this message? I've checked and checked and checked, and I can't see where there's any type mismatching going on.

    Thanks for any leads.

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    I have received the Type Mismatch error when my query returns no records.

    I would recheck each step of the query and make certain that you are getting records.


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