Our company is currently using Access as a front end and Oracle as a database for our dispatch system, tables are linked via ODBC. The problem is extreme slowness. Example, one query I wrote takes over 20 minutes to run. As a test when I import all the tables to a seperate Access database, and then in effect have Access as the backend the same query takes ~20 seconds. Our dispatch systems guy uses SQL navigator to perform his queries against Oracle and they take him ~7 seconds. He says the problem is with Access and Oracle do not work together well. A program like SQL navigator is too difficult for me and others in my group to use. Any ideas, or other recomended programs to use, keep in mind I am a novice.

We are looking at other front ends to use or setting up a report server which takes the Oracle database and nightly exports to a SQL database that is more compatible with access. However it seems to be an unknown how to reliablily and automatically export tables from Oracle into SQL. The total size is 500Meg now but will probably grow to a couple of gigs before long. Importing needs to not take too long and would be good if people could still query the data while the update is occuring.

Any idea?

Dan W.
PS: Remember I am a noob so talk at a 7th grade level to me ;p