I'm not sure if I can explain this clearly, but I'll try.
Out of necessity I have learned a little access. Just enough to create some lined file, simple queries, reports, etc over a database that resides on a box here and is maintained by an appl dev in a distant place. We were encouraged to create Access reports over the Informix database. Recently they converted that Informix database to Oracle and said we'd have no problems. They were wrong. I am only able to successfully use the linked table manager to change one of my linked tables to coneect to the oracle database. All the others give me the error "the microsoft jet database engine could not find the object xxxxxxxxx. Make sure it object exists and that you spell its name and the path name correctly". I've been over and over this with the database folks who tell me no problem..... create new links to the new database and change all your queries. They don't know why linked table manager won't work on all the tables. When I look at the paths in linked table manager the one I was able to work with said (DSN=xxxxx;DATABASE=) all of the others have a database name after the last = sign.
The suggestion from the database people is to create new links to the tables in the oracle database and then use the SQL query view and change everywhere I see informix_ to the new prefix which is ers_hist_. This doesn't sound like the best solution to me! Shouldn't there be an easier way? Keep in mind I don't know much about access - or any PC databse tools, so the obvious might not be obvious to me.
I've tried creating new links and renaming them to the old linked table name, but that seems to make all the queries nonfunctional when I have to delete the original links it clears them in the queries.....

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance